Police Chiefs Lanier and Groomes Credit Our Efforts To Get Justice for the Community

From a Local Blog: Justice is Delivered – Judge Agrees To Our Community Request of Three Years Jail for Serial Neighborhood Thief:  Police chiefs Lanier and Groomes credit our efforts:  “For years, this serial thief preyed on our neighborhood, and though tracked and caught by police over 40 times, never got more than 90 days in jail.  After we coordinated community efforts and wrote a Community Impact Statement to the judge asking to take him off our streets for at least 2-3 years, the judge agreed to deliver a 3 year sentence.”

From SALM Blog:  “Putta received thanks from DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier.  “This is a prime example how well we do when we work as a team,” Lanier wrote.  Assistant Chief of Police Cathy Diane Groomes wrote to credit the ANC’s statement for the unusually long sentence.  “[W]e are so happy that community came out to support this effort … truly it resulted in the sentence issued,” Groomes wrote in an email.

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