Kishan Gets Three New Affordable Early Childhood Education Programs Opened, Pushes for More

Starting yesterday morning, dozens of families were able to enroll their children into 3 new affordable child-care cooperative programs that I worked very hard over the last year to open up.  I went to one and met Hanna Lee, a young working mother, who said, “This is such a great idea – it’s very affordable,” adding that this innovative public option will save her family over $16,000 this year (versus private options).

COOP-Hanna-Lee.jpgLast year, these affordable options were only located in Northwest.  After working with the DC Council and the administration, I am happy that one of the 3 new programs in is Northeast (Turkey Thicket in Ward 5).  But I won’t rest until we get more affordable options for families in Southeast and Southwest as well.  The city has assured me this is a top priority for 2015.  I promise I will make sure this is done if elected to the DC Council.  And I keep my promises.*

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