Issues I Plan To Take On If You Elect Me to Serve you:

  • Improving Jelleff For Everyone:  I helped get over $11million to improve an underused park in Dupont. Now I’m using my experience & contacts to lead the efforts to get Jelleff revitalized to offer more amenities for all families and residents of all ages.
  • Enhancing Safety: I was the public safety liaison in Dupont and have strong relationships with DC police leaders. We worked with police and courts to significantly reduce car break-ins there. I will use that experience to improve safety here.
  • Offering More Child Care Options:  I worked to get 4 new affordable childcare programs started at DC facilities. I will work to get more established nearby to help support working families.
  • Improving Transportation Links:  We fought for and won better bus service and safer streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes. I got the city to repave two damaged Burleith sidewalks and I will push to repair more. I worked for over a year to get Burleith-Hillandale’s first Capital Bikeshare station (the nice organized red bikes). Installation is expected to begin this fall on Reservoir Road.
  • Tackling Those Pesky Rodents: In 2017, I teamed up with neighbors and DC officials to bring rodent abatement services to over 60 homes/backyards, treating hundreds of burrows. I have strong contacts with DC officials and was recently on NPR’s Kojo Show talking about this – I will get more done for you to fight this public health problem.

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