District Transportation Head Dormsjo Bids Farewell to DDOT

WAMU: District Transportation Head Dormsjo Bids Farewell to DDOT:  Outgoing District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Chief Leif Dormsjo is departing a much different agency thanks in large measure to his deliberate, methodical, and transparent approach.

Critics contend DDOT is moving too slowly at a time of increasing demand for better transit services in Washington. They point to the lack of dedicated bus lanes that could free Metro buses from the traffic congestion clogging major commuter corridors into downtown D.C. With the possible exception of Georgia Avenue Northwest, where a lane runs for a third of a mile, D.C. still has no substantial bus-only lanes. The possibility has been studied along 16th Street Northwest for years, and advocates say a dedicated lane is overdue there. Metro’s S line buses are stuffed to capacity on a daily basis.

“The residents are very frustrated with the progress,” said Kishan Putta, who as a private citizen has relentlessly lobbied DDOT to install a bus lane on 16th Street. “It’s not like the streetcar where you have to build rails. Try it out. [DDOT will] come back and say, it’s not so simple,” said Putta, who said the current timeline of two to four years is too vague to satisfy commuters.

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