Washington Post: Metro Plans Longer Buses

Washington Post: Metro plans longer buses – “We have pushed and pushed for months and finally Metro agreed to put in longer buses,” said Kishan Putta, a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for Dupont Circle and an advocate for a dedicated bus lane on 16th Street and better bus service overall.  Putta, who is seeking an at-large [...]

DDOT: Move Faster On 16th Street Bus Lane Study

WAMU National Public Radio – DDOT: Move Faster On 16th Street Bus Lane Study – “Dupont Circle ANC commissioner Kishan Putta has been lobbying public officials, including Councilmember Bowser, for months to pressure DDOT to act with greater urgency.  ‘Please, DDOT, show the public you are actually moving on this,’ Putta said… Metro has already added more buses to [...]

Proposal for Dedicated Bus Lane on 16th Street

Washington Post: Proposal For Dedicated Bus Lane On 16th Street:  Click HERE for Photo Caption, “Commissioner Kishan Putta collects signatures from bus riders for separate bus lane on 16th Street at bus stop near U Street…”  “Unless you address the congestion problem that the buses are facing, nothing is going to change,” said Kishan Putta

Crowding Prompts Renewed Calls for Rush-Hour Bus Lane on 16th Street

WAMU, National Public Radio: Crowding Prompts Renewed Calls for Rush-Hour Bus Lane on 16th Street:  “Peoples commutes’ are just too unpredictable now… and it’s just becoming untenable for them to get to work,” said Kishan Putta… In response to public pressure, most of the D.C. mayoral candidates have come out in support.”

Metro Buses Overcrowded on 16th Street

CBS Radio: Metro Buses Overcrowded on 16th Street:   “Anyone who watches 16th Street rush hour traffic can very quickly tell that buses get held up by traffic to a terrible degree,” says Putta.  “And they’re carrying so many commuters who could be getting to work 15-20 minutes faster if they had their own lane.  “Only 3 [...]